Celebrity Fueds

Anderson Silva 'Accepts' Conor McGregor Fight Challenge, 'It's Not About Money'

[ad_1] [[tmz:video id="0_kb3r11y2"]] Anderson Silva has a message for Conor McGregor -- FORGET A REMATCH WITH KHABIB and fight ME instead!  Remember, before UFC 229 earlier this month ... Conor told reporters he'd be interested in a superfight with Silva… Permalink [ad_2] Source link
Celebrity Fueds

Floyd Mayweather Doesn't 'Give a F***' About Pacquiao Anymore

[ad_1] [[tmz:video id="0_3dllo0tl"]] Sorry, fight fans ... Floyd Mayweather's making it clear -- the Manny Pacquiao tilt is off. "I don't give a f*** about what's going on with Pacquiao," Floyd tells TMZ Sports. Remember ... Floyd was singing a little different… Permalink [ad_2] Source link

Oscar De La Hoya Claps Back at Mayweather, 'We Don't Hit Women'

Third Eye Blind's Ex-Guitarist Says Band Screwed Him Out of 'Semi-Charmed' Cash


Duke Is Crazy Stacked and Should Smash Everyone, Says Carlos Boozer

[ad_1] Start fillin' out your March Madness brackets RIGHT NOW ... 'cause Carlos Boozer says Zion Williamson's Duke squad is the team to beat this season ... and the competition ain't even close!! TMZ Sports spoke with the former Blue Devil about Duke's… [ad_2] Source link

Alberto Del Rio Says MMA Comeback Isn't a Publicity Stunt, I'm Here to Kick Ass!

[ad_1] If you thought Alberto Del Rio was getting back in the cage for clout ... THINK AGAIN!!! 'Cause the ex-WWE superstar tells TMZ Sports he's ready to whoop some serious ass in his MMA comeback!! The 41-year-old announced his decision to return to MMA… [ad_2] Source link

Melania Trump Look-alike Stripper Melanie Marden Getting Death Threats

[ad_1] The woman playing the role of Melania Trump and T.I.'s personal lap dancer in the rapper's salacious video has no regrets taking the gig, despite getting a bunch of death threats.  Melanie Marden tells TMZ ... her life has… [ad_2] Source link

Nick Diaz Calls Out Canelo Alvarez, 'You Ain't Gonna Win'

[ad_1] Nick Diaz says Canelo Alvraez is fighting BUMS -- and if he wants a REAL superfight, Oscar De La Hoya needs to call him, ASAP.  He's not joking -- telling TMZ Sports, "Let's be real. Canelo moving up to my weight? You ain't gonna win that… [ad_2] Source link

'Cat Daddy' Rapper Arrested on Outstanding Warrant Just as He Was Hooking Up

[ad_1] One of the guys behind the "Cat Daddy" dance craze got busted in L.A. -- but, the ONLY thing on his mind at the time of his arrest was getting some action from a chick he'd just met ... at 2 AM. TMZ obtained this video of Jovan "Pee

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