Celebrity Fueds

Kendall Jenner Meets Buff Hottie Who Wants to Kill Her Family

[ad_1] Imagine going to the grocery store and running into a dude wearing a shirt that says he wants to KILL YOUR FAMILY! That's what happened to Kendall Jenner on Wednesday ... but, there's one twist -- the guy with the grudge happens to have a body that… Permalink [ad_2] Source
Celebrity Fueds

Tim Kaine Says President Trump Has it Out for ALL Immigrants

[ad_1] [[tmz:video id="0_i3d0q0lr"]] Tim Kaine says President Trump is full of it and, despite what he says ... his true mission is to stop all immigration in the U.S. -- not just people coming here illegally. We got the Virginia Senator at Capitol Hill in D.C.… Permalink [ad_2] Source link

Congressional Intern Yells 'F*** You!' to President Trump

Paris Hilton Shows Utter Disdain for Lindsay Lohan


Kylie Jenner Poses for Sexy Sports Car Photo Shoot

[ad_1] Kylie Jenner's latest photo shoot could be titled -- Things That Make You Go Vroom Vroom ... but there are a lot of other options, too. Kylie shared a few pics of herself hanging out Saturday night in an all-black getup -- crop top and patent… [ad_2] Source link

Wacky World Cup Fans … GOOOOOOALS!

[ad_1] You may think you love World Cup soccer ... until you check out these insane shots of some of the world’s most dedicated sports fans in Russia’s stadiums for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Put your national pride on the back burner and give… [ad_2] Source link

Ariana Richards — Good Genes or Good Docs?

[ad_1] Ariana Richards' good looks are truly out of this world! Here's a 15-year-old version of the "Jurassic Park" star at an award show back in 1994 (left) and 24 years later ... the now 38-year-old actress was seen looking fossilized at the premiere for… [ad_2] Source link

Roseanne Barr Breaks Down in Tears Over Racist Tweet

[ad_1] Roseanne Barr broke down in tears after posting her racist tweet, saying she may be a loud mouth but she would never knowingly call a black person a disparaging term ... despite comparing Obama's adviser Valerie Jarrett to an ape. Barr's comments… [ad_2] Source link

Janet Jackson Pays Homage to Dying Father Joe Jackson

[ad_1] Janet Jackson gave an emotional speech thanking her dad, who we're told is in the end stages of terminal cancer. Janet appeared Friday night at the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards and received the Impact Award.  During her speech, she thanked… [ad_2] Source link

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